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JUGENDFEST_2023_KYGO_FREDAG_MIOMEDIA_2023-2 Mathias Sæther.jpg

Jugend 2023

Ålesunds biggest festival – 30.000 people – A lot of planning

2023 was an exciting year to produce for Jugend: The biggest festival in Ålesund with a whopping 30.000 people. Momentium had allready planned that in 2024 Jugend would split into two unique konsepts, where those under 18 get their own festival; Spire. 

With this in mind we had to plan accordingly and design a production that could be used to promote the happening in 2023 as well as be used to promote next years festival. The customer also requested that half the production was delivered on-the-go during the festival to keep a fresh and active presence on social media. 

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